Tuesday, January 16, 2018


1.       Indian Army Veterans Portal.             A database of all Veterans connected to over 300 Grievance Agencies. The portal provides facility for on line dissemination of Veterans related information. It also provides mass mailing facility through e-mail & SMS. Total of 5,69,911 Veterans have registered as on 31 Dec 2017.

2.       Veterans Outreach App. It provides a platform for Veterans Community to connect directly to the redressal agencies for grievances and includes features: Ask a question, locator services, Pension calculator, find a friend and other Website links. Total of 8853 Veterans have installed the Mobile App as on 31 Dec 2017. Presently available on Google Play Store for Android OS smart phones (free of cost).

3.       Skilling Initiatives. The skilling initiative undertaken under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY) through Min of Skill Development (NSDC) to provide second career options to prospective retirees. 37 Regt Centres have been earmarked to impart skill trg through NSDC accredited trainees. DIAV has been instrumental in skilling over 20,000 prospective retirees till dt. DIAV has concurrently pursued empowerment of army spouses and wards by establishing Army Skill Trg Centres (ASTCs) across the country where skill courses are being conducted to provide National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) aligned certificates to successful candidates. As on 13 ASTCs are functional and many more are in pipeline. Approx 2,000 spouses and wards have been skilled till dt.

4.       Indian Army Veterans Card (IAVC).             The card being issued in lieu of Retired Offices Identity Card. The card contains two photographs one in Civil dress and the other in Uniform. Col Veterans/ESM Cells will process the application.

5.       E – Lobby and Facilitation Centres.   On initiative by DIAV, the SBI and PNB have planned to establish E-Lobby and Facilitation Centres at Military Stations having sizable populations of ESM. The same will be manned by Bank Reps and will have Net connectivity to all respective bank CPPCs for instant resolution of anomalies/grievances as applicable. Will also facilitate drawing of pension statements as reqd.

6.       Gallantry Awards. The monthly Monetary allowance for all Gallantry Awardees has been enhanced (doubled) wef 01 Aug 2017:-

          (a)     PVC            -        20,000/-

          (b)     AC               -        12,000/-

          (c)     MVC            -        10,000/-

          (d)     KC               -         9,000/-

          (e)     VrC             -          7,000/-

          (f)      SC               -         6,000/-

          (g)     SM              -          2000/-        

7.       ECHS.

(a)         The 64 KB ECHS Card has been introduced; it offers   
digitization of records including medical history.
Registration done online costing Rs 177/- per card.

          (b)     New rates of Contribution for ECHS membership wef                             
                   29 Dec 2017.

                   (i)      Up to Hav     -        Rs  30,000/-

                   (ii)      JCOs           -        Rs  67000/-

                   (iii)     Officers        -        Rs 1,20,000/-

           (c)       Procurement of Medicines.          Authorised Local Chemists (ALC) 
                      will be contracted and empanelled on station basis by Station        
                      Commanders with best discount quotes through tender  process for all                         polyclinics.

8.       AWHO.        The concept of Private Industry Collaborative Business Model for facilitating the acquisition of a housing project is under process in Delhi NCR. Reputed Consultancy Firms will be selected to take the facilitation process forward. 10 shortlisted consultancy firms of repute have been contacted.

9.       AGI.    
           (a)    Insurance cover has been revised as under wef 01 Jan 2018 :-
                   (i)      JCOs/OR     -        40 Lakhs

                   (ii)      Offrs            -        75 Lakhs

          (b)     Extended  Insurance.           Valid upto 30 yrs after retirement or 80     years of age, whichever is earlier,wef Oct  2016 :-
                   (i)      JCOs/OR     -        5 Lakhs

                   (ii)      Offrs            -        10 Lakhs

10.     Dependents I Card.        These  cards will be issued by respective Zila Sainik Boards.

11.     Ex- Gratia/Welfare Schemes for Widows/ESM.

          (a)     Central Govt Ex- Gratia on Death in Harness.     Rs 25 - 45    Lakhs.

          (b)     DIAV (R&W Section)     

                   (i)      Fatal Battle Cas      -         Rs  2 Lakhs.

                   (ii)      Fatal Physical Cas  -        Rs  2.5 Lakhs.

                   (iii)     Daughter’s Marriage-       Rs 1 Lakh (Wards of                                                                                                        BC/PC Fatal cases)

                   (iv)     Education Scholarship-    Rs  25 - 50 thousand (Wards of                                                                                      BC/PC Fatal cases).Details att.

                   (v)      Computer Grant      -        Rs 35 thousand Wards/Widows                                                                                      of BC/PC Fatal cases). Details att.

12.     Grant for Disabled Soldiers from DIAV

          (a)     Disabled  BC          -        Rs 2 Lakhs
                   (All Ops except OP Vijay
                    Invalided Out)

          (b)     Disabled  BC          -         Rs 1 - 2 Lakh (Based on  % of                      
                  (Retained in Service)         disability)

13.     Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB)

          (a)     Penuary Grant.      Rs 4000/- Per month for Non Pensioners.

          (b)     Education Grant.    Application to be submitted On line.

                   (a)     Up to graduation     -        Rs 1000/- pm ( Applicable to                                                                                          Wards of indls  upto Hav Rank).

(b)     Offr Cadet Grant     -        Rs 1000/- pm ( Applicable to                                                                     Wards of indls upto Hav Rank).

14.     E-PPO.        Digitally signed e-PPP will be sent directly to bank through a Secured File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The e- PPO project will ensure timely and correct payment of pension, enhanced security of PPO and minimum manual intervention and promote e-governance.

President/Joint Secretary,


Sunday, January 14, 2018



                 " A HAPPY 70th ARMY DAY 2018"

President/Joint Secretary,


Friday, January 12, 2018


The Army Officers Benevolent Fund is closing down. All officers serving/retired are required to send the following details along with a cancelled cheque:-
(a)         Pers No. Rank and Name
(b)         Date of commission
(c)         Regt commissioned into/Present Arm/Service
(d)         Present address

Army Officer’s Benevolent Fund
(Accts Sec)

AG’s Branch, IHQ of MoD (Army)
279A, South Block
DHQ PO, New Delhi-110011
Tele Fax - 011-23792382

President/Joint Secretary,

Friday, December 29, 2017



                           " A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018"

President/Joint Secretary,
9871351203, 92122526278/9560084477

Monday, December 4, 2017


DA from January 2018 payable Central Government Employees and Pensioners is estimated to be 7%. 2% increase in Dearness Allowance is expected from the Month of January 2018.

President/Joint Secretary,

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


RDOA had sent a representation  to Hon’ble Raksha Mantriji on 17/08/2017 and  a reminder on 28/09/2017 as per the directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court order dated 06/07/2017. Addl Dte General Personnel Services vide letter dated 18th Oct 2017 has asked the details of affected pensioners who are member of Retired Defence Officers Association as on 06th Jul 2017 and have not been granted pension benefits (Broad Banding). Affected Members were requested to forward their details. Very few members have responded so far. Once again affected members are requested to provide the following details through email or by post.

No. Rank & Name          
Membership No.
Date of Retirement
Disability Pension PPO No.
% Disability Pension Granted
Postal Address with contact No.
Email ID, if any

Once list is submitted,  it may not be possible to include their name later on. Kindly accord priority.

President/Joint Secretary,


Saturday, November 18, 2017


Grant of disability benefits to soldiers has been reinforced by the Supreme Court in following cases:-

1.    Civil Appeal No. 4949/2013 (Dharamvir  Vs  UOI) decided on
2.    Civil Appeal No. 2337/2009 (UOI Vs Chander Pal) decided on 18/09/2013.
3.    Civil Appeal No. 5605/2011 (Sukhvinder Singh  Vs  UOI) decided on 25/06/2014.
4.    Civil Appeal No. 2904/2011 (UOI  Vs Rajbir Singh) decided on 13/02/2015.
5.    Civil Appeal No. 11208/2011 (UOI  Vs  Angad Singh) decided on 24/02/2015.
6.    Civil Appeal No. 4357/2015 (UOI  Vs  Manjeet Singh) decided on 12/05/2015.